About The Wine Grape Club

Chris Lisney-Smith

The Wine Grape Club was established in 1978 to supply people in the UK who love wine making with high quality, freshly picked Mediterranean grapes enabling them to follow ancient traditions of wine making in their own homes. 

We are a small, family run business and love to meet and get to know our members! We endeavour to expand our varieties of grapes each season providing our customers with a selection of Italian, Spanish and Sicilian grapes. 

If you would like to become a member of The Wine Grape Club, simply fill in the form below with your details and you will be added to our mailing/emailing list. Membership is free and we look forward to welcoming you to the club (We will not send you any junk mail, only our yearly members letter). 



Our 2019 August trip to Italy - Viewing the harvest


It seems unbelievable that another year has passed and the wine making season is upon us once again!! Every year the grape harvest differs and this year the Italian grapes of the Puglian region are looking very good. The Spring weather was excellent for setting the fruit, providing sufficient rain to create optimum growth, without hail storms potentially damaging the crop. However, late Spring remained cool and thus the harvest is now approximately a week later than last year. We are expecting to have all of the varieties we had last year and hopefully a few new ones. The warehouse will be opening on the 4th or 5th of September and for the first time we will have a full range of wine making equipment available from day one!! Italian varieties expected: Ciliegiolo, Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet, Montepulciano, Shiraz, Nero d’Troia, Malvasia, Bombino Bianco and Trebbiano. Spanish grapes; Tempranillo, Garnacha and Macabeo, Sicilian grapes; Nero d’Avola. 

Our 2018 July trip to Italy - Meeting our suppliers


We now endeavour to visit Puglia twice a year in order to ensure the high quality of our grapes and the opportunity of adding new varieties. Our July visit did not disappoint, the berries are in excellent condition, fruity and ripening well. If the weather in August continues as it has in July there will be a bumper harvest with high sugar levels.

Another exciting opportunity we will be able to offer Winegrape Club members are trips to the vineyards where they will have the opportunity to pick grapes and experience local wine production in September. Olive picking and extra virgin olive oil production experiences will also be available in October and November.

This is a very exciting time and we all look forward to the warehouse opening on Saturday the 1st of September!!