Wine Making Equipment

At the Wine Grape Club we sell a variety of brand new and used wine making equipment and storage vessels.

We generally have a stock of new and used spindle/basket type grape presses in stock. These can be used to press the must after the grapes have finished fermenting or removing the skins if the grape juice is to be fermented 'off the skin'. The sizes range from 10 litres to 50 litres and we offer our club members the possibility of trading equipment in if they wish to increase or reduce their wine making capacity.

Torchio Presses

De-stalker Crushers and Crushers

A crusher is a simple hopper which directs the grapes through a pair of manually or electrically powered ridged rollers, crushing the grape skins (not the pips) before they descend into the fermenting bin. The de-stalker crushers we supply are always powered by electric motors and separate the the grapes from the stems then break the skins before they descend into the fermenting bin. These machines take a lot of the hard work out of wine making!! 

Fermenting Bins

There are many vessels traditionally used for fermenting, however we supply food grade plastic bins specifically created for wine making. These robust containers vary in capacity from 200 litres up to 500 litres and have provision for a draining tap.


We offer a wide range of new and used demijohns (including plastic baskets).

Sizes available: 10L, 15L, 20L, 25L, 34L & 54L. We also supply new demijohn baskets, corks and air locks.

Stainless Steel Inox

Many wine makers now store their precious vintages in stainless steel containers. we have stocked high grade stainless steel inoxes for several years in a variety of sizes from 25 Litres to 200 Litres. Wine storage can be controlled with pneumatic lids or vaselino oil.

Second Hand Wine Making Equipment

We buy and sell used wine making equipment which means that our inventory changes from year to year. Please contact us to enquire about the second hand equipment that we currently have in stock. 

If you have any second hand equipment that you would like to sell, please contact us.