Spanish Grapes



The Spanish refer to the Grenache Noir grape as 'Garnacha', This is a very popular grape and essential for adding colour to some of the lighter reds. The Wine Grape Club has been the sole UK importer of this grape for many years. Now that we are importing Tempranillo it is possible for our members to blend these grapes and create splendid Rioja wines. Garnacha blends well with other grapes to produce other fine wines such as Priorat, when combined with our Merlot grapes. The aromas and flavours of black pepper, roasted game and sweet black fruits can be found on the palate with these wines.



The Wine Grape Club are the sole UK importers of the famous Tempranillo grape, grown on the Iberian peninsula of Spain and Portugal. The grapes we import are from vineyards near the East coast of Spain and make superb Rioja red wines, they are medium bodied and high in acid. The rich product of these grapes create wines of good colour and provide undercurrents of plum and black currants. Delicious!!



This historic vine variety is known as Macabeu and Maccabéo in Roussillon in southern France, Macabeo in much of its homeland Spain, and Viura in Rioja, where it is by far the most planted white wine grape. It has the unusual virtue of being capable of making dry white wines, often blends, with real nerve and character that improve with age.